This project is the result of a trip to Iceland, Isle of Fire and Ice, during the period preceding the passage of the year, culminating on 1 January 2017.
And it was precisely the contrast between these two elements, fire and ice, that from the beginning was witnessed, not only in the literal sense, but, essentially, in the symbolic relationship celebratory of flame -emitting light - with the bright splashes on icy surfaces on the island - reflecting light.
The presence of the fireworks during this festive season has paramount importance for the Icelanders, and dates back to the time when the vessels used it to announce their departure.
Later gained also a considerable economic significance when it began to be sold to the public to be used in the celebration of the arrival of the new year.
The tradition grew rapidly after the search and rescue teams have begun in the 1960s, selling fireworks to raise funds for their operations.
The pictures narrate the daily trips between the capital Reykjavik, where the 'explosions' were constantly happening, and the landscapes and (almost) inhospitable of surrounding regions, in which the light, as ephemeral as clear, presented and sent away slowly on the horizon.
The book is composed of 5 moments: Prelude, Approximation, Celebration, Aftermath and Extinction.
Five moments that fall symbolically the visual experience and cultural heritage of which is Iceland at this time of the year.
Exhibition - Lourinhã, Portugal - Municipal Gallery, 2017
Book  - 20x25cm
56p. 39photos B&W digital offset print
edition of 80 - signed

10€ + shipping costs

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